The Southern Florida climate can be rough on your roof. Between rain, hail, force-winds and tropical storms, roofs definitely take a beating. At Rainbow Painting RPR Group, Inc, we are always available and can repair any damages to guarantee that your roof will continue to keep out the harsh Florida elements. Roof coating applications can extend and protect the life of your roof system for many years in the future. The professionals that we employ have the knowledge and experience to offer you the very best when it comes to the roof coating process. Our coatings are both economical and environmentally friendly. The application process can help your business save money on utility bill costs into the future.

Rainbow Painting will solve these problems by providing a reliable and affordable alternative. Our Liquid Roof Coatings systems avoid and eliminate tear off, replacement and disruptions while extending the life of your existing roof. This minimally invasive application system is lightweight and will not add stress to your existing roof.

The advantages of using a Roof Coating System:
+ Extends the life of your existing roof
+ Minimally invasive: Avoid costly tear offs that may damage your building and cause interruptions to your business nor your tenants.
+ Unaffected by harsh UV rays and extremes temperature
+ Reduce energy costs: UV reflection reduces building temperatures taking pressure of your HVAC system
+ Application to almost any existing roof. Ideal for: Aged Asphalt, Aged EPDM and TPO/CPA, Built-Up, Cap Sheet, Composite, Concrete, Fiberglass, Metal, Modified Bitumen, Torchdown, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam, Most Existing Coatings, Low-Pitched Roofs, Flat Roofs and Roof Tile
+ Liquid roofing systems can be recoated extending lifespan.
+ Warranty up to 20 years

Systems Available in: Acrylic, Urethane, Silicone or Rubber depending on your existing roof.

The Last Roof Coating You Will Ever Need
Do you have a flat roof design at your business that needs replacement or repair? Maybe you’re looking for a temporary answer to extend the life of the roofing system until you relocate your business elsewhere. We can provide solutions to your business roof problems now before they get out of hand. Contact us now to receive an in-house consultation and free quote for the services that you seek. We can offer you solutions to your roofing problems today.

We own and operate the latest equipment and constantly upgrade to ensure best results. We provide Quality work, Reliable Service, Experience and Very Competitive Prices. Your satisfaction is our top priority.